Periodontics treatments

Periodontics treatments

Your foundation for a healthy and happy smile.

The periodontium (gums) comprises the supporting tissues of the teeth, consisting mainly of the bone, the ligaments by which the teeth are anchored to the bone and the surrounding gingivae. The periodontium provides the basic support for the teeth. Present studies have proved that the health of the periodontium is directly related with numerous systemic conditions like diabetes, pre-term low birth weight in infants and cardiovascular disease to name a few.

Periodontics treatments involves the management of various diseases affecting the periodontium. Healthy gums pave the foundation for a healthy dentition. Hence, the role of a periodontist is vital and of utmost importance.

Our periodontist is Dr Jose Paul BDS, MDS, Consultant Periodontist, Trivandrum Dental Specialists’ Group. He has immense experience and knowledge in the field of periodontics and has various presentations and publications to his credit. He was awarded the prestigious ‘Young Scientist Award’ by the Govt of Kerala in the year 2003.

The periodontics treatments he renders include:

  • Normal and deep oral prophylaxis (scaling)
  • Flap surgery for treating periodontitis
  • Bone grafting for osseo-induction
  • Frenectomy / Frenotomy
  • Soft tissue grafts
  • Gingivoplasty / gingivectomy for managing enlarged gums and gummy smile
  • Gingival depigmentation for heavily pigmented gingiva