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About the Trivandrum Dental Specialists Group

Trivandrum Dental Specialists’ Group was founded by Dr Sujathan.The Trivandrum Dental Specialists Group was established with the aim of creating a world-class dental practice that stood out for its quality of patient care and customer service; offered patients of all ages a comprehensive range of dental treatments and dental tourism packages, provided by a distinguished team of experts in a comfortable and tranquil environment. Trivandrum Dental Specialists Group is now recognized as one of the best dental clinics in Trivandrum and Kerala and a pioneer of dental tourism in India and the caring relationships we have build with our happy customers and dental tourism patients are a testament to that.

We strive for excellence

At Trivandrum Dental Specialists’ Group, we are constantly striving to achieve higher levels of excellence and that is reflected in every aspect of our operation.

  • Elite Team of Dentists: With a distinguished team of dentists, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services covering all specializations of dentistry. Our team comprises the best endodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists, general dentists and maxillofacial prosthodontists in Kerala. Whether it is cosmetic dental treatments, general dentistry, dental implants, dental surgeries or any other dental treatments in Kerala, we have you covered and you are assured of a world-class superior dental experience.
  • It revolves around you: At Trivandrum Dental Specialists Group, everything we do is aimed at providing with you the highest possible quality of service and superior experiences. Our experienced dental team goes that extra mile to understand your exact requirements and provide you with a complete range of options. Our dentists will sit with you, discuss your problems and concerns with you and aid you in improving your dental condition. Our advanced digital information system helps provide you with all the information necessary to make a informed decision. And of course our skilled dentists spare no effort in providing you with the best dentistry services. At Trivandrum Dental Specialists Group, we strive to address all your dental problems and provide you with a stress free dental experience.
  • A complete experience: We understand what helps make a complete customer experience and you can see this reflected in everything at Trivandrum Dental Specialists clinic – the courteous and immaculate manners of the entire team, the decor and tranquil atmosphere at our dental clinic, the attention to detail, the advanced dental equipment, highest standards of dental hygiene, the complete range of treatments and the skilled team. We constantly strive to provide you with a truly superior and complete experience.